It's with great pleasure that I announce that HauntMonkey is joining forces with the fantastic group at LifeApe!!!

I will be taking the majority of the HauntMonkey product line and re-branding it under LifeApe in the coming year. I will staying on as the Chief Software Architect and applying this Monkey’s touch to the LifeApe line up.

Here are a few of the great products currently offered by LifeApe:

The ExtremeLIFE controller can handle any animatronic challenge.  This fully featured controller is software programmable using the free LifeApe SceneBuilder. Create simple or complex scenes with ease.

- 6 solid-state digital outputs for controlling just about any device
- 2 relays each capable of switching 10 Amps
- 3 RC Servo outputs
- MP3 digital audio on-board storage (No SD Card Required!)
- 30 Watt audio amplifier to drive unpowered speakers
- Audio line out to connect with amplified speakers
- Trigger input

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The SimpleLife controller is the lowest cost, dual output controller in the industry!

- Control just about any valve, alarm, light, you name it- Real-time or “keybanging” programming to record the animation- 2 solid-state digital outputs- Trigger input to transition from ambient to scare animation recording- +12VDC power supply included

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What are you still doing here? Visit our new home at LifeApe.

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